Rosso Veneto IGT

Corvina is a grape variety native of the Verona territory and it constitutes the fundamental basis for Amarone della Valpolicella and for Valpolicella. The vigor of this grape and its characteristic of ripening late in the season make it particularly suited for drying. It owes its name to the dark color of bunches black as the feathers of a crow, ‘Corvo’ in Italian and can be easily recognised by the oval shape of its berries. Corvina is a very complex and versatile grape. In spite of the powerful structure and the high sugar content it also gives very fresh and pleasant fruity flavours to wine, especially cherry, plum and black curant. These flavours are extremely persistent even after a long barrel ageing, gradually evolving into even more complex tertiary flavours such as dried plum, cherry jam, etc.

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After the accurate hand harvest, grapes are pressed and the fermentation starts, the skins are left in the must for a long time to extract flavors and the characteristic ruby red color. Subsequently the wine is left in oak for about 3 or 4 months; this aging gives the pleasant notes of spices and vanilla.

Tasting notes

Intense purple colour, tending towards amber with ageing. This wine has a very solid structure due to the elevated alcohol and the balance between soft tannins and acidity.Indicated with roast meat of beef and veal. Ideal accompaniment also with red or white meats. Excellent with aged cheese.


  • Grapes: Merlot 60% - Corvina 40%
  • Temperature: 16-18 C°
  • Vol: 14%
  • Ml: 750